Here's another event by way of referral. And this is the best type of referral because it came straight from me playing at a different event.

If you've read this blog any, you may remember me talking about my friends Taryn & Kevin (click the link if you want to catch up on the story real quick.) They helped start my September weddings last year. Taryn's friend Jenn happened to be the matron of honor in the wedding. We weren't even halfway through with Taryn and Kevin's event when Jenn said, "YOU HAVE TO PLAY FOR US!" This huge grin hit me and soon, we were talking details of their upcoming event...which was today.

Jenn and Mike never got a party. They decided to get married and got busy with life. So, they had a party and I got to come along for the fun.

The party was at 1 Under Craft Beer & Eats in Livonia, MI. Good thing, too. 10 minute ride from the house? Yes, please. If you're from around here you've probably been to 1 Under's bar downstairs. Well, they have an absolutely gorgeous event space upstairs, too. It's been renovated recently and it's stunning. The staff is great, the food is awesome, and the service is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone looking to throw a party in this area.

I got to sit down with Jenn & Mike a couple times to talk about plans for this party. It wasn't until the second time that I learned of a special daddy/daughter dance mix we would be doing.

I enjoyed this event because it wasn't a typical wedding. Don't misunderstand: I LOVE WEDDINGS. But sometimes it's a nice change of pace to get an event that doesn't involve a lot of details and stress. This was cool breeze compared to some events I've done in the past.

After a short and sweet renewal ceremony, the party was on. And it was a great party! I was bummed that the night had to end.

Jenn and Mike: I'm so thrilled that you got your party and I'm even more thrilled that you graciously invited me along for the fun. I wish your family the best for the future!

Now on to the special music:

"I Only Have Eyes For You" - The Flamingos

Special mix you can listen to here.

"Loves Me Like a Rock" - Paul Simon

"With a Little Help From My Friends" - Joe Cocker

It's rare that I get to weddings on significant calendar days of the year. At this point in my career I think New Year's Eve is really it.

So I was absolutely delighted when my pal Ben asked me to play a Valentine's Day wedding for he and his lovely bride Amy.

And it was another North Ridge family wedding. I don't think you can understand how excited I get to play events from my North Ridge family. It's an honor, a privilege, and a load of fun!

Amy & Ben chose to have their reception at the Great Lakes Culinary Center in Southfield, MI. I apologize in advance to any other event venue that may be reading this, but GLCC has THE BEST meal of any venue I've ever played. You would expect that from a place that trains people how to cook. It was absolute torture to have to get there early to set up the gear. Imagine, 2 hours of being subjected to the smell of garlic and a sundry spices...and not being able to eat it! I digress. :)

I was among friends today. The spirit of love was in the air and it was comforting to know that my second event of the year would be spent with people that I've grown to love over the years.

I even made new friends. I had the pleasure of working alongside the husband/wife team of Heather & Kevin Autry of Ignited Photography. These two were an absolute blast and I can't wait to meet up with them again.

The event was simple, elegant, and perfect (to say the least.) As a bonus, I was able to get in a few moments of dancing my own face off with my pals Drew, Jordan, and Monica in the mix. Crazy kids.

Here are the special songs Amy and Ben danced to:

"This is Love" - For King & Country

"Thinking Out Loud" - Ed Sheeran

"Once in Love With Amy" - Frank Sinatra

"Mr. Blue Sky" - ELO

The first wedding of 2015 was an absolute beauty! And thanks to a referral from my sister-in-law, I was able to share in the joy with Morgan, Patrick, and their guests.

It was a blustery day out here at Waldenwoods Banquet & Conference center in Hartland, MI. But it was warm inside thanks to Ann and her amazing team (cliche, but true.) I enjoy this site for its rustic nature. I recommend it to everyone that's looking for a local but destination wedding. It's kind of like the Motor City Casino tag of "a million miles from home right down the street." Truly. This site is gorgeous and would give Thomas Kinkaide a run for his money.

Morgan and Patrick requested uplighting for their event so I made it happen. They opted for a light pink color around the room. They went with the Complete Room package. It was a nice touch for this space (photos below).

Both the ceremony and reception took place in the same site to start the year. I provided sound for the ceremony and though it kept me on my toes from a technical standpoint, it was filled with a certain emotion that's hard to describe. It was such a sweet moment.

Once the ceremony was over, it was time to party. Dinner was served. Cocktails were consumed. Rug was cut. It was such a great time.

As an added bonus, some of the special music during the reception was provided by a good friend of the Morgan and Patrick's. This talented fella brought his acoustic guitar out and came pretty close to bringing the whole house down. It was fantastic. I highly recommend this scenario to anyone that has a guitar-playing friend. Use him or her for your special dances!

Here it is...the special music:

"Thunderstruck" - AC/DC

"Give It All We Got" - George Strait (played by Eric Taylor)

"I Loved Her First" - Heartland

"Simple Man" - Lynyrd Skynyrd (played by Eric Taylor)

Morgan & Patrick: yours is the kind of event I need every year to get the season started. I had a blast celebrating with you and your guests.