We were contacted by this lovely couple’s (only) granddaughter Kristi to help her grandparents Judy and Bill celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! The party was held at the beautiful St. Aidan’s Event Center in Livonia, MI.

Other than an amazing journey of marriage, the best part about this one? The playlist. The music they chose was a perfect representation of how they have shared their love for each other over the last 5 decades.

And in a simple twist, check this out: so, they were married on August 10 of 1963.

Which was a Saturday.

If you’re looking at your calendar, you’ll notice that August 10 50 years later also happens to be a Saturday.

Folks, this one was meant to be.

What a great time! Congratulations to Judy and Bill on 50 years! Thanks to Kristi and Jeff Igo for finding us and letting us share this very special night with all of your (and their) family and friends!


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