Playing one family wedding in a year is pretty sweet. But two!? How amazing is that!

My cousin Kyle and his beautiful wife Sarah had me along to play for their wedding day. And if this wedding isn’t a testament to playing “on-the-fly,” I don’t know what is. See, Kyle is a nurse for a hospital in Flint and both he and Sarah are extremely busy people. So, with a lot of last minute updates and day-of changes, this wedding definitely kept me on my toes. But that’s what I live for. That’s why we use the words “high-defintion” when we talk about Motor City HDJ.

I digress.

Let’s start from the top, shall we?

Well, Sarah and Kyle decided they wanted to get fall in full swing, so they chose a lot of awesome fall colors. The event was held at Dom Polski in Flint and the room was absolutely gorgeous! A lot of oranges, yellows, and browns adorned the reception hall. It was beautiful.

Honestly, this wedding was more about being with family than anything else. I can’t remember half of the music I played, simply because of how fast pace everything was. There was no official playlist. Truly, this was all flying by the seat of my pants.

I can tell you that the bride and groom’s first dance was awesome. It’s one of my new faves by Ray LaMontagne called “You Are the Best Thing.”

Such a great night with such great people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…Sarah and Kyle, you are two very special people and I’m honored that you thought of me and Motor City HDJ to make your day something to remember.


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