We love Birmingham even more now because of the bride and groom’s taste in reception venue.

Monique and Yuriy had us along for their absolutely gorgeous wedding at The Reserve in beautiful Birmingham. We did both the ceremony and reception music. It was a quaint and quick ceremony followed by a beautiful reception one room over.

The bride and groom entered the room to much excitement and got right down to business. After some toasts and a blessing, dinner was served.

Our newlyweds kept it short and sweet and kept the special dances to one. The two of them danced to “Open Arms” by Journey. After that, the night was young!

And I have to say, I certainly appreciate a wedding that embraces religious culture as much as this one did. Take a look at this short video and you’ll see what I mean:

Thank you to two wonderful people for sharing your wedding day with us! Congratulations!



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