I love playing for friends.

Sure…we love getting to know everyone that we work with, but there’s just something about playing for friends that makes the experience so much more meaningful.

Yvette & Jeff are more than friends, though. Let me tell you about this amazing family.

It all started when Yvette was referred to us by a client. She was throwing a Sweet 16 for one of her 3 daughters. We played the Sweet 16 and had a blast. Then it was time for the same daughter to have her graduation party. Another good time. In the interim, she was sending us business left and right! Unstoppable! So when she called because they were having a housewarming party, yeah: we were there.

This one was out on the east side. They’ve got a beautiful place in such a wonderful neighborhood. Just goes to show you that we will set up and play anywhere when it involves such great people! And right before the holidays? Yeah…what an awesome time!

Thanks again for letting us come play, Yvette & Jeff! We love you!


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