THIS wedding represents why we do what we do. Talk about last minute!  Hey…that doesn’t bother us. We live for this stuff. Last minute is what we do! 

Thanks to our friends over at Heritage Logo Works, we’ve known Kayla for a few years now. It was only natural that she and Zach would ask us to play her big day for her. We were honored to share in this young couple starting their life together.

This reception was another relatively local one. The party happened over at The Straight Farmhouse, home of the Garden City Historical Museum. It’s a small space and was a quaint setting for this smaller sized party. The coziness was nice. We’re always playing in bigger rooms with way too much space, so this was perfect.

The introductions to the reception were very simple. No crazy music or anything like that. I simply stood at the door and announced the bridal party as they made their way in to the room.

Once we did get down to the dancing, the bride and groom started it off by dancing to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years.” And that was it. It was simple and perfect. They wanted to spend all their time dancing to the fun stuff. We don’t blame them!

Kayla and Zach: thank you again for reaching out to us in the 11th hour. WE LOVE THIS STUFF and are thankful that you called up on us to take care of you. We wish you the best in your journey together.


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