I can legitimately say that I remember the time before these two fellas were born. And they turned into two of the finest young men I know.

I’m talking about Tommy & Alex. And as fate would have it, I grew up watching Alex and Tommy grow up.

At the risk of some major name-dropping I’m just going to go for it: these are two of the Duncan boys. If you’re in Oakland or Livingston Counties (or even Grand Rapids) you know all about Duncan Disposal.

So, I’ve known THE Duncan family for years! I've spent my entire life getting to know this wonderful family. So when Alex and Tommy’s mom’s asked me to play their combined graduation party, I absolutely said yes!

This family is a tight-knit group of people. And by tight-knit I mean two of the brothers are next door neighbors and one of the brothers is straight across the common area of the subdivision. Better than that, the matriarch and patriarch of the family make up all three of those brothers’ back yard! Of course, the other brother lives in Brighton and can set your back straight if you’re in need (insert shameless plug here for Duncan Chiropractic.)

Alright…I think you get the point of the family rundown now. So, the party took place in the backyard of the oldest brother (Tommy’s dad). 

It started out as a gorgeous June day. It quickly turned in to a very humid day when a massive thunderstorm cell ripped through the area. The good news is that it barely grazed the party but dumped enough rain on us that we were scrambling to move my equipment to a safe area.
All was well and the party was a smash. When most of the guests had gone home, the party was still rocking down in the basement. Hey…when you hire Motor City HDJ I’m going to make sure you get the value of your investment. So I setup shop in the basement and we all enjoyed some wine while I kept the party going until 2 AM.

Congrats to Alex and Tommy! I’m excited to see where life’s journey takes you next. It’s been fun watching you grow up. Don’t forget us little people. :)



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