Man oh man! THIS IS IT!

The pinnacle of 2014 for Motor City HDJ!

It finally happened. Because of some great friends who happen to have graduating seniors, I was called upon to play for an entertain at my alma mater: South Lyon High School.

And I have to admit that it was very surreal walking the halls again…getting those vibes again…seeing those faces again. What an amazing feeling to be back at the place where I learned how to learn and how to entertain people.

I also learned something tonight. I learned that I am definitely not used to staying up until 6 AM for no good reason. But that’s okay. These kids worked hard and they deserved a heck of a party, so that’s what we gave them!

Tom and I both played this event to make things easier for coordination and to provide relief during this 6 hour solid stint.

The theme for the event was Hollywood. As students entered the party at 10 PM, I was down the hall introducing these kids as if they were celebrities. It was a pretty cool concept and it really made these youngsters feel like a million bucks.

And yeah…it definitely made me realize how old I am.

We set up the dance space in the Commons area which is where the students eat lunch. There were many activities going on throughout the gym, lecture hall, and other stations spread out.

The highlight of my night, though, was seeing the WSLH Channel 2 sign still taped to the studio window from when we put it there back in 1998. 16 years later and it’s still there!

It was an absolutely amazing time and I’m grateful to Donna, Marcie, and the SLHS 2014 SANE staff for letting me and Motor City HDJ be a part of this very special night. Thanks for the memories!



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