If I were an artist, I would paint a picture that looks like this day. Well, at least the way it started out. When it comes to "picture perfect" you couldn't ask for a better roll of film.

This wonderful couple came to me by way of my connection with, say it with me, North Ridge Church. Actually, the groom is pretty tight with my little brother and it just so happens that I may have gotten the referral that way.

Either way, I was thrilled when they asked me to join them for their special day.
The event was at Brentwood Golf Club & Banquet Center in White Lake. The venue is set in a neighborhood, so there isn't much traffic to bother people. I had the fortune of being involved in the ceremony AND the reception. And I must say, the view was magnificent!

It's nice when I'm able to be involved in both elements of an event because I share in the complete joy from start to finish. To see a couple go from engaged to married in a matter of moments and see them both separately...their anxieties and excitements...that's a thrill to me.

I made a new friend today, too. Her name is Melissa and she is the creative genius behind Melissa Elaine Photography. She hooked it up some with the amazing actions shots down below. 

And while my working space wasn't massive, it was just enough to make sure the guests had a great time. It was an awesome crowd that wanted to be there to celebrate. There was a ton of energy in this room from start to finish.

This event gave me an opportunity to turn up the creative juices more than usual. See, the bride and groom are huge Disney fans, so naturally, they wanted to incorporate that in to the event somehow. So we did. I took a bunch of their favorite Disney songs and put them together in one mix for them to share their first dance as husband and wife. Here's what they chose for their special music:

Disney medley

"Daddy's Angel" - T. Carter

"What a Wonderful World" - Louie Armstrong

"Do You Believe in Magic?" - Lovin' Spoonful

"Another One Bites the Dust" - Queen

"Echoes of Eden" - Steven Curtis Chapman



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