It's exciting when I get calls for new business. So imagine my excitement when that phone call is for a friend from high school.

I hadn't seen my buddy Jason in almost 15 years and when he called me expressing interest to have me DJ his wedding I cleared my schedule immediately. He and his wife Kim invited me to party with them at Circus Park - Elf Khurafeh Shrine Center in Clio, MI. It was a mini high school reunion for me. Events like these are refreshing.

The best part of this event was the first dance that the bride and groom shared. They wrote the words and music for their song. It was absolutely wonderful! I love creativity. Sharing this moment was extremely special.

The party was an absolute blast. The crowd danced to everything I put on. There was a good mix throughout the night, although I was able to give the bride and groom their hip hop remix session toward the end.

Thanks for letting me share in your big day!


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