I get a giddy when it's time to play a wedding in The City. It bears repeating: when your company is called MOTOR CITY HDJ that means you relish every opportunity to play in Detroit. It's a city rich in history that will eventually go back to "the way it was" when things were safer, business was booming, and people flocked there. So, when Jessica and Nick told me their party would be at historic Cliff Bell's, I couldn't stop grinning.

You've probably passed it a dozen times and didn't realize the hidden gem behind its doors. It was an old jazz club at one point in history and it still serves that purpose from time to time. Now, people host private events and you can still hop in after a game to grab a drink and take in the history. Such a thrill to play here!
Once I got done with my "oos" and "aahhs" it was time to get to business. Both the ceremony and the reception took place at the venue. The ceremony was short and sweet so that we could get right to the party. Dinner was served buffet style and the food was absolutely amazing.

The highlight of the event for me was the conversation I had with Cliff Bell's banquet manager. During the course of casual conversation she mentioned how well the event went and that she wanted to make Motor City HDJ the PREFERRED DJ for Cliff Bell's! That's pretty exciting. They could recommend anyone and they choose to plug me. That's pretty cool stuff!

I'd tell you more about the night but I'd rather you see for yourself. Jessica and Nick: thanks for having me along for this amazing night. It was truly magical to celebrate your big with you in the heart of a city we all love so much. I wish you two the very best in everything!

Here are the special songs from the night:

"Somebody Loves You" - Betty Who

"Let's Stay Together" - Al Green

"In My Life" - The Beatles

"My Wish" - Rascal Flatts


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